please refer to me as 'madam president'


I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but slowly revealed…

my school bus pass is working again so today’s bus fare is going toward a pumpkin spice latte

you may think I’m splurging but you underestimate the cost of bus fare in this city

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oh hey I should check my tumblr tag bc I never do that

awww look there’s my buds!


ah. so this will be my legacy

Title: Part Of Your World (Acapella)
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Sometimes I like to warm up my voice with some Disney—and mess around with the syncopation. Result is a (somewhat) jazzed up Little Mermaid cover.


don’t you hate it when the guy you want to be friends with only sees you as a romantic interest and you get RomanceZoned


If you’re in college right now

Check the syllabus for each one of your classes right now while you bullshittin

Don’t fall behind this early in the semester off some bullshit



Sex is a lot like Labyrinth, You go in without knowing, there are Muppets, David Bowie is there. 


You could say I’m an optimist.

the ideal conclusion to instances of street harassment


in movies, whenever a hot guy fake-flirts with an “ugly” girl and she gets all flustered, it’s intended to be a funny joke and make u think the girl is pathetic for believing such an attractive man could be interested in her. ur supposed to hate the girl.

but whenever a hot girl fake-flirts with an ugly guy and he gets all flustered, it’s intended to make u feel bad for the guy and think the girl is a Bitch. ur supposed to hate the girl.

ur always supposed to hate the girl.



Feels like old times

This interview has everything:


Okay but can we talk about the fact that the Sycorax threatened humanity to the point of threatening to kill 1/3 of the population, and 10 was STILL outraged when Harriet ordered them dead?
Compare that to 11’s gleeful extermination of the Silence and using the human race as weapons to do so and you’ll see why I think the show has lost its spirit.


Cherry Tree Dryad




did you know that the main reason we have a school lunch program is that in 1946 kids were too underfed to qualify for military service bc i just found that out and am horrified

nobody cares about children’s well being without an ulterior motive

“Conservatives want live babies so they can train them to be dead soldiers.” - George Carlin